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Help your paper guy to progress by cutting paper!


  • Mouse : Cut
  • WASD/ZQSD : Move
  • Space : Jump

Little prototype made in one week by myself.
Made for a homework assignment at the ENJMIN

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsCasual, Cute, Hand-drawn, Non violent, paper
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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very fun


Seriously loved this little experience and I can't wait to try the new game in development! 💙 #IndieLiciousShowcase #indiegames #YouTube

(No tress were harmed in the making of this video)

This game is really cool! I absolutely love the concept, great work :D


Really cool!

I had an opportunity to play through this little demo. It's cute, and a lot of fun to play! I hope you continue to develop it, and I can't wait to see what you come up with. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the video I uploaded (feedback at the end included). :)

I love this dude! Giving you all my support and hope you continue to work on it and make more of it for me to play! :D 


yaay good game guy :DDD 


Very nice! Hope you will add some more to this in the future.


Oh man I love this


Loved this! Amazing mechanic and art style to boot. Massive kudos. Would love to speak with you regarding this, do you have an email address at all to contactyou on? 

Enjoyed the concept of this but, I have a couple nitpicks. Why is it only certain things can be cut? (i'm sure this is so the game doesn't get abused) Also the end can you make it past the whole or, was that pretty much the end?

If you go forwards, you die and fall forever.


I can only wish, it was longer to add new stuff, like maybe some platformer things, which Im bad at, but it would be AWESOME, I thought the mechanics were pretty cool too, I 100% support, the ideal for it to be more added, or heck even a full game! thank you guys for letting me have the experience to play! :D

nice game

Loved this little game!  Really hopin for more updates in the future :)


Love the game and artstyle!!! Really interesting how the artsyle was so minimalistic but effective. Wish the game was longer though ;( 


I loved this little game, I hope there is a full game soon!


We Want MORE!!!! love the game!


Awesome game! Really fun mechanics just wish there was more :) 


SOOOoooooo good. I wanna see more, it's short with just one level but it so cute and a cool game mechanic. 

What engine you use

Deleted 2 years ago

Please develop these idea. It will be so good if you made a big game out of this.

I'm an starting developer and I am curious, How much time did you spend doing this prototype?

Thanks :D yes I think about it ^^

It's made in one week!

Thank you!

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First things first, This is way to short. I've played this a few times and think it's great and let me be the first to say that if you extend this little project to say, 15 minutes of play then I will gladly donate some money to help you guys out.

and here at dailymotion

Bloody wicked



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One of the best artstyles yet and a very pleasant game to play. I really hope that there will be more levels in the future !
Did everyone else also try to cut literally the only other character in the game? xD


I know about this concept it is very good the way the game mechanic works.


Very nice and cute prototype!! Would love to see more of this!!
And it would be nice to be able to cut more things :) Especially that human >:)

Stay Rad Everybody!!


This is awesome! The next cuphead -Infamous review person that doesn't really do any reviews and nobody knows like TGN except...Not famous.

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Hi! My name's Sasha Zenko. I'm from Belarus. 

I am making hardcore letsplay videos handsfree (using only my chin). 
I have a program that allows me to assign keyboard controls to mouse movements. 
I have played your game and I think it’s awesome!
It's very good. I like it. 
Check out my LetsPlay video:




It's awesome, I've never think that my game can be compatible with such software!

I'm super glad that you have enjoyed the game

Thank you so much for playing my game!





3D TV VR box google cardboard video stereoscopic 3d side by side SBS


I like it. I wish there were more things to cut. :) 


Haha, this is fun! It felt kinda like tearaway or Yoshi Wooly World. With some okami in there.